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By far the healthiest way to build!

“Different feeling of space”, “Breathing walls” – all those who have built with LORENZ report particularly satisfied about their new living feeling.

In fact, straw walls have a moisture-regulating effect, especially when they are covered with clay plaster: The diffusion-open system created in this way provides natural mold protection, as moisture does not accumulate in corners, the wall “sweats and breathes” – a healthy, natural indoor climate is created.

The natural insulation also acts like an air conditioner, as compressed straw regulates rather than insulates rooms. Due to the delayed heat transfer, the heat of the summer remains in the wall for a long time before heating the rooms in the evening. Likewise, straw keeps heat in the room during the winter months.

What is the environmental balance?

Absolutely generation-compatible: With the primary energy input required to build a single solid house, you can build a straw house of the same size and heat it for another 69 years.

Straw construction saves foundation costs

A thatched house does not necessarily have to stand on a concrete foundation. The lighter weight of the wall allows for other planning options. It is therefore not absolutely necessary to seal the ground.

The costs of a thatched building are at least equal to those of a solid construction.

The costs for a straw house with LORENZ modules are comparable to those for solid construction – in some cases they are significantly cheaper because the simple construction method saves time for planning and building. In addition, construction prices have risen by 15% in recent years. In comparison, LORENZ prices are stable, and the usual market adjustments have been significantly lower in recent years.

Straw has comparable life cycles to solid buildings!

The oldest straw house in Europe is located in France and was built 120 years ago. Its straw still looks almost like it did on the first day. With the right processing, straw buildings are very durable.

Particularly sustainable construction methods are promoted!

The federal and state governments are increasingly promoting construction with renewable raw materials. While there are special programs at state level, e.g. with premiums for CO2 savings in municipal buildings, the legislator provides repayment subsidies and low-interest loans for owner-occupied homes.

All-rounder for thermal insulation and living comfort

DD series - universal wood straw modules

The pre-produced assembly systems offer many design options for interior and exterior walls in deliberately healthy and sustainable construction. The DD series is a functional assembly system, which is versatile and can be used in a modular way. No matter whether you want to build a modern healthy residential house inexpensively, simply and with building materials from nature or plan a resource-saving hall – you create a considerable contribution for the future. The DD series includes modules in the thicknesses 18, 24 and 34 cm.

Close-up of the LORENZ wood-straw assembly system. You can see the flat surface, which is achieved through serial, dimensionally accurate production.
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