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Healthy building. Conserve resources. Live consciously.

"In a way, you also feel proud to have carried a message to the world!"
Kilograms of CO₂ secured
In record time, Lorenz secures more CO₂ annually in the building structures with its products than is required for their manufacture thanks to innovative machine-guided ramp-up production. The climate-positive eco-balance of the products offers a healthy alternative for the construction sector.
Square metres annually
LORENZ offers tailor-made applications for renovation and new construction projects throughout Europe. Straw offers many valuable building physics parameters. Energy efficiency and positive ecological balances can already be implemented with the building envelope.

Building revolution now.

For planners (energy consultants, architects)
Freedom of planning and multiple insallability options
Passive house standard possible, sufficient insulation
Hybrid construction and addition of storeys feasible
Sound insulation qualities
Hardly any foundation or soil sealing required
For realising specialised companies
Quick, clean assembly
Learned grid dimensions
Wall, insulation, plaster base in one
Available pre-assembled ex works
High dimensional accuracy, no waste
For builders
Bankable and eligible
Energy cost savings
Hardly any disposal costs
Non-toxic materials
Bagging-free straw folding
Lower carbon footprint
For residents
Pleasant heat balance all year round
Natural humidity regulation
Heat storage and delayed temperature transfer
Optimally ventilated rooms
Healthy indoor climate
Digital planning modules available
Certificates and verifications available

Known through:

Golden Future

Plan with straw! Build with LORENZ!

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