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The strong one
  • strong module for exterior walls, floors and roof surfaces
  • excellent for exterior walls of multi-storey buildings
  • attractive for complete roof superstructures thanks to excellent insulating properties
DD34 stores
62kg CO₂ per m²

Product description DD34

The DD34 module is available as a wall, roof, floor, ceiling and gable module. Its construction depth is 34 cm. The low specific weight (49.5 kg/m2) allows simple superstructures with lighter foundations. The DD34 is available with a frame thickness of 60 mm.

Construction method
  • wooden frame construction, hand-made prefabricated wooden frame
  • machine pressed and shaved straw infill
  • quick and easy to assemble
  • can be plastered or paneled immediately
  • sizes adjustable (up to 4-fold in width)
Environmental aspects
  • completely biodegradable and recyclable
  • wood and straw store CO2
  • tested free of harmful substances
Cropped miniature of the LORENZ data sheet of a DD34 mounting system made of timber frame with straw insulation
All certificates for freedom from harmful substances, ETA & Co. can be found here in our download center.
Ready for use in BIM
The video shows schematically how a house is built from DD34 modules. The modules are delivered to the construction site preconfigured to size. Openings for windows and doors, gable cuts, roof slopes - everything is feasible!

Building physics parameters DD34

Straw quality: construction straw, regional origin
Fire behavior: E (normal flammability)
Bulk density straw: 100 kg/m3 ± 15 kg/m3
Straw moisture content: <18%
Compression type: mechanical pressing of small bales into compartments
Straw orientation: stalk orientation perpendicular to heat flow

Wood quality: spruce dried, planed, untreated
Bulk density wood: 420 kg/m3
Wood moisture: <15% ± 3%

Dowel bars, beech untreated, 8mm
Pan head screw, galvanized, 6 x 160 mm
Spruce cross bars, pre-sorted 24 x 24 mm

Thermal conductivity value (λ): Construction straw 0,049 W/(m*K), Softwood 0,130 W/(m*K)
U-value (without cladding): 0,162 W/(m2*K)
spec. heat storage capacity straw: 2,0 kJ/(kg*K)

Product advantages and
special features DD34

Walls open to diffusion with good insulating properties, easy assembly, combined with a small construction depth – all this is offered by the DD18. Coated with clay plaster, it shows its advantages especially in smaller buildings, where every centimeter and low weight matter the most.

Phase shift: 15.3 h

Straw has a heat storage capacity of 2 kJ/kg*K. Heat is only lost very slowly to the outside. A time delay of the heat transport takes place. With a construction depth of 34 cm, this slowed-down heat transport corresponds to 15.3 h.

Specific gravity: 49.5 kg/m2

Due to its low specific weight, the DD34 module is ideally suited for pile, screw, point or strip foundations. The DD34 module is ideal for buildings where the optimum of heat-cold protection, useful area and safe integration into the site are sought.

Per m2 stored CO2: 60 kg

The production of the renewable raw material straw binds far more CO2 than is required for transport and further processing. Each square meter of DD34 module installed binds 62 kg of emissions into the building structure – much like a CO2 vault.


Infill width: 62.5 cm

The infill width of DD modules corresponds to the common grid dimension in timber frame construction. As other building materials also conform to this dimension, waste is reduced. Overall, this dimension simplifies planning and handling during construction.

3 products in one

DD modules are wall, insulation and plaster base in one prefabricated element. This reduces costs and planning effort. Depending on the coating, the shell can be closed directly after delivery and assembly. Breathing walls are achieved with natural materials.

Plane surface

The high dimensional accuracy of machine-guided production at LORENZ enables smooth surfaces that do not need to be reworked on the construction site. This simplifies construction, saves time and makes assembly uncomplicated.

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Ready to build on straw?

Realized projects with DD34

A house from cornfield

A home of their own as a real CO2 safe, created from natural materials. No matter what the builder couple does, they have offset their personal CO2 footprint for a few years.

Reference picture of a straw house made of LORENZ timber straw modules of type DD34
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