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The guiding principle: simply. healthy. building.

CO2 down, quality of life up!

The vision: LORENZ stands for competence and innovation in construction straw systems! 

With its own development of patent-worthy machinery, LORENZ produces straw insulated assembly elements in wooden post and beam construction with consistently high quality with competitive price.
Special attention in product development is paid to easy, clean and fast assembly of straw building elements. LORENZ products are made to measure. They are delivered from the factory and can be assembled directly.

LORENZ is driven by the idea of keeping the environment livable and wants to help the renewable raw material straw to be widely used in the construction segment - for a better eco-balance, for healthier building.

Motivated to enable the ecological alternative

Decades of straw construction expertise and innovative strength combined

The two founders are guided above all by the idea of making an effective contribution to reducing the ecological footprint in the construction and operation of residential and commercial real estate. LORENZ will avoid unnecessary climate pollution and create sustainable, meaningful and secure jobs.

Moritz Reichert (Production Manager/ Founder)

Moritz Reichert has more than 20 years of field-tested experience in the construction and insulation of buildings made of wood and straw and is responsible for production and purchasing at LORENZ.

“By far the most climate-friendly way to build is a straw-insulated building.”
Rainer Schmidt (Managing Partner)

Rainer K. Schmidt has more than 20 years of experience as a graduate engineer for regenerative energy technology and is responsible for business development and sales at LORENZ.

“CO2 is sequestered by the wood and straw over the life of the building, and therefore acts as a natural reservoir with a significant impact in terms of climate neutrality.”

The LORENZ Story

Started as a typical “garage company”, LORENZ has established itself within a few years as a player in the field of “ecological building materials”. With its products, LORENZ offers access to a climate-positive and resource-saving alternative in building construction.

2023 Supply of Europe’s largest municipal insulation project in Oberhausen, C.A.R.M.E.N. promotion prize for renewable raw materials, selection of the BDA ideas competition BDAcalls.

2022 Participation at the Green Tech Festival at the BIGG-Change booth, finalist at the German Sustainability Award.

2021 Sustainability strategy and local focus.

2020 First market appearances, first specialist partnerships, nominated for the Green Product Award

2019 founded, first presentation of DD to trade audience

Picture of LORENZ founder Moritz Reichert during quality control in the straw store
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