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20. June 2023
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ClayTec and LORENZ conclude cooperation agreement

(Viersen, 20.06.2023) The eco building products manufacturer LORENZ announces the new cooperation with ClayTec GmbH & Co. KG, the leading specialist of clay building materials. Together, the two companies are striving for a long-term and sustainable partnership, in which the focus is primarily on the building-physical advantages of the components straw and clay for customer projects.

The cooperation agreement was concluded on June 16 during the ClayTec summer festival in Viersen, the headquarters of ClayTec, where the LORENZ founders were also present.
Together with the members of the founding and shareholder family Breidenbach, the LORENZ founders Moritz Reichert and Rainer Schmidt signed a corresponding document.

The newly concluded cooperation agreement will gradually shift the marketing focus to mutual product recommendations, culminating in a joint eco-construction offering. “The products of both companies complement each other perfectly, so that customers get the optimum of living quality, wall quality and energy efficiency.” Rainer Schmidt, managing director of Lorenz GmbH, summarizes the cooperation.

Perfect interplay of wall and coating

The basis of the cooperation is formed by the first joint projects, in which walls made of straw with clay products from ClayTec are used. “From the customer’s point of view, the clay-straw combination yields an optimal wall finish. Straw provides good insulation and heat storage, clay as an interior plaster regulates moisture and makes it possible for the building to circulate,” says Simon Breidenbach, sales manager of ClayTec GmbH & Co. KG, “customers will noticeably experience a new living feeling and leave real values to the next generation.”

Both companies want to steadily expand and intensify their cooperation. The focus on future market and customer needs is essential for a possible product development.

About ClayTec GmbH & Co KG

ClayTec is an owner-managed medium-sized family business from Viersen that produces building materials from clay and sells them through the building materials trade. Emerged from a craft business, core competence, basic products and application techniques result from own practice and experience.
The goal of the company was and is to make the building material clay, which has excellent environmental properties, available for today’s building and to integrate it into its structures. The principle is to maintain the recyclability of the material, given by its natural properties, at all product levels.

About Lorenz GmbH

LORENZ serially manufactures building elements from wood and straw and is the first company to offer access to a real alternative in building construction. The product range includes floor, wall, roof and gable elements for the construction of buildings or insulation elements for renovation. They are available in various dimensions and can therefore be used individually. The innovative, machine-controlled production method offers consistently high quality, DIN-standard dimensional accuracy and excellent heat transfer properties. The resulting wide use of straw massively binds CO2 in the building structure and ensures energy efficiency in building operation.

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