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14. September 2023
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Straw construction is growing throughout Europe – LORENZ provides impetus

ESBG 2023 – ESBA Annual General Meeting

The 2023 European Straw Bale Gathering in Brenderup, Denmark, welcomed 140 guests from August 31st to September 3rd. National associations, industry representatives, and professionals in straw construction formed the participants. Alongside panel discussions and country presentations on references, techniques, and market conditions, practical courses were conducted, and the Friland Eco Village was visited.

Market Leaders Address Challenges in Straw Construction

LORENZ was present with founders Moritz Reichert and Justyna Tur. In a panel discussion, market leaders were able to address industry requirements and challenges in building with straw. Prefabrication was identified as key to project success and rapid implementation. With its flat, flexible mounting systems made of wood framing with straw insulation, LORENZ can optimally meet architectural, implementation, and energy requirements.

Presentation of Straw Insulation Project in Oberhausen to Industry Professionals

In another contribution, LORENZ introduced Europe’s largest insulation project using straw to industry professionals, along with the initiative to facilitate communication on “ecological construction and renovation with straw” at the European level through model projects. As part of the innovative DISKO project, five school swimming pools were renovated using LORENZ modules, with several thousand square meters installed in total. More information here:

New ESBA Board Elected

During the ESBG, members elected a new board. The board of the European Straw Bale Association now consists of the following members: Herbert Gruber (ASBN), Mike Deveria, Cypren Edmunds (President, SBUK), Rikki Nitzkin (RCP), Charlotte Leuvard (RFCP).

Exciting Developments in National Markets

A lecture and workshop highlighted pathways for the green reconstruction of Ukraine. In the residential sector, it is estimated that 163,000 buildings have been destroyed, equivalent to an area of 87 million square meters. Additionally, thousands of educational or medical facilities have been destroyed. With Ukraine’s vast grain reserves, a hub for ecological construction could be established. Other European regions also showcased pathways to straw construction. LORENZ demonstrated the potential for municipal renovation projects in Oberhausen: a new EU directive assigning municipalities a pioneering role in renovating existing buildings across Europe sets a target of tripling the current renovation rate. With the ecological advantages of straw insulation, a market opportunity exists here.

Overview of ESBG 2023:

Straw Bale Building Days in Weimar

On September 11th and 12th, 2023, the Straw Bale Building Days took place in Weimar. Under the theme “Generation Straw,” the conference addressed straw construction in general, focusing on issues surrounding “approval in Germany” and standardization. The topic was how straw building can be made barrier-free in Germany. In addition to expert presentations and discussions, personal exchange within the industry was also emphasized. The conference was a collaborative event between the German Straw Bale Association (FASBA e.V.) and the Bauhaus-University Weimar, the MFPA Weimar, and Ziegelhof · Architektur GbR, Weimar. Support was provided by the Thuringian Ministry of Infrastructure and Agriculture, the State Office for Agriculture and Rural Areas, the Thuringian Ministry of Environment, Energy, and Nature Conservation, the Thuringian Chamber of Architects (the conference was recognized as a professional event with 16 continuing education points), and LORENZ partner CLAYTEC GmbH & Co. KG.

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