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02. March 2023
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European flagship project with LORENZ modules

On February 9th, 2023, the city of Oberhausen invited people to a press conference to present the “straw insulation” renovation measure at five of the city’s teaching swimming pools as part of its DISKO project. City councilor Michael Jehn praised the measures as a significant increase in efficiency, which will save 70% of energy consumption and at the same time reduce 8% of the current consumption of all city facilities.

The research carried out by the executive architect Dennis Harms from “bau|gestalt lukas/fehr/harms partgmbb” also revealed that the decision to use straw insulation creates Europe’s largest municipal insulation project of its kind. A total of 1,500 m2 of LORENZ DD34 is currently installed at two locations, which corresponds to 93 tons of CO2 removed from the atmosphere.

The fact that the environmentally friendly operation ensures that children and young people can learn swimming is a positive social aspect, says Jehn. Dirk Grossman, managing director of Baustroh GmbH, certified that the city had made a good choice in terms of the insulating effect of straw. Hubert Beyer, project manager at Stadtbetriebe Oberhausen (SBO), reported to the audience about the planning and decision-making processes in advance of the project.


Herbert Schmitz from Schmitz Bedachung-Zimmerei GmbH and Rainer Schmidt from Lorenz GmbH were present from the implementer and manufacturer side,


And this is how the event was reported (selection):

WDR local time: city-oberhausen-insulates-swimming-pools-with-straw-100.html

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Press release from the city of Oberhausen: index/town hall/current-press releases/releases-2023/schwimmbaedersanierung_ist_eines_der_groessten_strohdaemmprojekte_europas.php?pagePresse=3

Weekly Gazette Oberhausen: Werden- sustainably-renovated_a1835014

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