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08. November 2022
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LORENZ finalist at the German Sustainability Award

Since the end of October, LORENZ has been among the last six nominees for the special “Local Heroes” award of the German Sustainability Award. With their commitment to society, each of the individual nominees was able to convince the jury of their concept.

The spectrum of LORENZ co-nominees ranges from fair football clubs to organic bakery chains. A selection of the contributions can be found here: /prizewinners-local-heroes/2022/finalists-2022/

At LORENZ, the efforts to actively store CO2 through building with straw were recognized, which will increasingly become effective in the form of offsetting offers for local companies and clubs.

“Each of the contributions shows us how positive good ideas, entrepreneurship and social commitment have an impact on their environment. We are impressed by the many good ideas and concepts that LORENZ supports wholeheartedly,” says Rainer Schmidt, Managing Director of Lorenz GmbH. “We congratulate all finalists of the German Sustainability Award on their nomination and look forward to meeting at the award ceremony in Düsseldorf.”

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