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14. July 2021
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LORENZ for more climate protection

The climate goals for environmentally friendly construction are clear: from 2050, construction will be CO2-neutral across the EU. This poses huge challenges for many manufacturers and providers. LORENZ pursues a consistently ecological approach with its portfolio, which takes a long way to find broad acceptance on the market. How this can work:

# (local) Climate Alliance Taucha
I. LORENZ is a driving force and co-initiator of the Taucha Climate Alliance:

The Taucha climate initiative for more local climate protection and knowledge transfer – presented in an action video. At 3:40 minutes the visit to the LORENZ team appears.

# (regional) Sustainability Summit
II. LORENZ is a platform provider at the 2nd Sustainability Summit for representatives of the state, including the Saxon State Minister for Regional Development, Thomas Schmidt, MdL. >> more on this

Image 1: from left. Rainer K. Schmidt (Managing Director of Lorenz GmbH), Antje Brumm (North Saxony District Office), Dr. Christine Schenderlein, MdL

# (nationwide) International Passive House Conference Wuppertal
III. LORENZ presented a keynote speech about the advantages of building with straw. >> more on this

# (Europe-wide) European Strawbale Gathering
IV. LORENZ was there at the European Strawbale Gathering (ESBG) to network with straw farmers from all over Europe. The groundbreaking lectures are available online. >> more on this

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