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05. July 2021
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Nostalgic: Upcycling instead of scrapping

Sustainable living also means checking what has been consumed to ensure that no other use is possible. This is what happened with a decommissioned straw press (built in 1969, VEB Landmaschinenbau), which we discovered overgrown under a blackberry hedge. Mechanically pressed straw is the core of the production method for LORENZ modules, so it made sense to artistically enhance this “relic” and put it in front of the LORENZ -Set up the control center. Graffiti artist Ilja van Treeck ( was in charge of the redesign, with “one of the most extraordinary” project.

Picture 1: Straw baler from GDR production, 60’s

Picture 2: The straw press as a backdrop for the sustainability summit.

Pictured panelists: Jens Jähnig, Managing Director Jähnig GmbH, Sven Wilhelm, Senator in the Senate of the German Economy, Thomas Schmidt, MdL, Saxon Minister of State, Dr. Christiane Schenderlein, MdL Ms. Antje Brumm, District Office of North Saxony.

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