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26. September 2021
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Technical: Good sound insulation proven

Straw is known for its excellent thermal insulation properties. Its sound-absorbing effect has not yet been scientifically investigated. As part of the Interreg project UP STRAW (, building acoustic measurements were carried out in a straw-insulated building for the first time in spring. The sound test was initiated by architect Dirk Scharmer (DELTAGRÜN Architektur) in the newly built guest house in Sieben Linden. All components examined meet the minimum sound insulation required by building law according to DIN 4109:2016 and also achieve “increased sound insulation” according to DIN 4109:1989, supplement 2 and DIN 4109-5:2020. It has also been proven that professional straw construction can compete with other construction methods when it comes to sound insulation. >> more on this

Image 4: Sound insulation symbol image

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