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02. November 2022
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LORENZ implements “Zero Waste” strategy in production

In 2021, LORENZ decided on its sustainability concept, which this year led to a significant investment in the area of ​​resources: As part of its “Zero Waste Strategy” in production, LORENZ purchased a briquetting machine in order to Upcycle production waste.

Since August, the mobile press has been processing 300-400 kg of chopped straw per day into briquettes, which are used as fuel. The straw used comes either from offcuts or from individual bales that could not meet the quality requirements of material control.

The LORENZ sustainability concept is based on the priority model of sustainability, in which ecological, social and economic aspects are brought into relation. Together with all LORENZ employees, values ​​and measures were developed, which were gradually implemented.

In addition to the “Zero Waste Strategy” that has now been implemented, the following measures are already being implemented:

  • Green electricity sourcing from all LORENZ locations
  • Reduction of paper correspondence
  • gradual conversion of the car fleet to hybrid drive systems or fully electric

The declared internal goal is therefore the verifiable (maximum achievable given the state of technology) positive climate impact of the company’s work.

External goal is to achieve awareness of straw as a building material through innovation and market penetration, which supports a change in awareness in society. In this way, LORENZ contributes to the long-term strategic goal of the construction transition, which is expressed in the increasing demand and use of building materials made from renewable raw materials. The achievement of the target can be measured by a reduction in CO2 emissions in the construction sector.

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