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14. July 2023
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LORENZ receives the Bavarian Promotion Award for Renewable Raw Materials

On July 3rd, the award ceremony of the Bavarian Award for Renewable Resources and the Ernst-Pelz-Award took place in the Residenzschloß Würzburg in the course of the 31st C.A.R.M.E.N Symposium. LORENZ – represented by Managing Director Rainer K. Schmidt and Marketing Manager Torsten Gericke – accepted the Bavarian Award for Renewable Resources 2022 for the development of the solar active building element DD34 sunny.

The product is a facade or roof element consisting of a LORENZ DD34 module in wood post and beam construction with compressed straw as insulation and a frameless PV thin-film module, which is curtained by an agraff system. The advantage of this construction method would be a high-energy façade element, which not only lowers the ecological balance of the building and reduces the energy budget, but also provides self-generated electricity.

In a model house consisting of two residential units of 130 m2 each and eight residents, per capita CO2 consumption could be reduced by 3.5 tons per year. For landlords, three times the initial investment could be returned in returns over a period of 50 years.

The solar module can be chosen in different colors for aesthetic variance. LORENZ calls the DD34 sunny an “energy building block” for the building turnaround.

The award was presented by the Bavarian Minister of State for Agriculture, Food and Forestry, Michaela Kaniber.

Link to DD34 sunny

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