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14. April 2022
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Prime Minister Söder speaks of straw as “undiscovered gold”.

Prime Minister Söder (CSU) praises the advantages of straw as a building material. The industry sees this as an important milestone for public perception as a climate-friendly building material.

On April 1st Prime Minister Söder spoke of straw as “undiscovered gold” for the construction industry on the occasion of the inauguration of the largest straw-insulated building, “Haus St. Wunibald” in the Benedictine Abbey of Plankstetten. According to Söder, at least 20% of the straw produced annually that remains unused could be used for 53,000 homes. With his visit, he not only recognizes the construction work around the Plankstetten monastery, but also the fact that straw can be the perfect answer to today’s challenges.

Excerpt from the speech by Prime Minister Markus Söder (CSU) on the occasion of the inauguration ceremony of the “Haus St. Wunibald”. Recording: Wiebke Kaesberg

Further information: Link to the Facebook post on “bau-mit-stroh”

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