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27. July 2023
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Straw insulation in response to EU energy efficiency directive

Since March 2023, the EU Council and Parliament have agreed on how to implement the targets adopted as part of the Fit for 55 initiative. One of the aims of this package, known as the Energy Efficiency Directive, is to have the public sector lead the way with a renovation rate of 3%. Every year, 3% of public buildings across the EU are to be converted into ultra-low energy or zero emission buildings.

Since the announcement of the EU’s 2050 climate neutrality target for the building sector, the renovation rate in practice has been 1%. To accelerate this process was.

LORENZ sees its product development strategy for energy-efficient renovation confirmed. “Straw offers excellent insulating properties, which are useful on the path to climate neutrality.” Rainer Schmidt, managing director of Lorenz GmbH, elaborates. “Since it acts like an air conditioner almost all year round due to its heat storage capacity and its heat protection effect, we talk about straw insulation regulating more than just insulating. Heat is transferred inside the building only in the evening hours, so that the room temperature remains pleasantly constant. Due to the increasing summer heat, the additional heat protection is a factor in the energy balance that should not be underestimated. And on top of that, the choice of insulation material actively reduces CO2 emissions.”

Attached is the press release from the EU Council:

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